Clever voyagers

Our Clever Voyagers program is informed by and built upon the foundations of the Early Learning Year Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Framework (NQF). Particular care is taken to ensure that the individual needs of each child is met, culminating in a high quality and rewarding learning experience. We recognise that each child learns at a different pace, and throughout their time at Little Voyagers children will develop their learning, reading, writing and talking skills to the best of their abilities. By the time they are ready to move on to the next phase of their educational journey, most children exhibit a high level of confidence and enthusiasm which will enable them to excel academically.

Problem solving and critical thinking across mathematics, science, technology and English is encouraged through age-appropriate learning activities including:


  • Shape and number identification
  • Basic counting
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Discussions on the concept of time
  • Recording volumes and weights

Science and Technology

  • Basic science experiments such as chemical reactions
  • Solubility
  • Exploring the role and significance of nature, plants and animals

English Literacy

  • Storytelling
  • Sing alongs
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Writing names and places to develop basic vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Comprehension
  • Exploring the alphabet
  • Language and communication

Our educators all have backgrounds in early childhood and primary education, and they draw upon their collective experiences to create an immersive and nurturing learning environment that supports the needs of each child and helps them to become school ready. Each child has their own strengths and interests, and our specialist teachers and educators home in on these to optimise learning in both individual and group settings. Within our play-based environment, children are free to explore, discover and learn to the best of their ability. Educators observe interactions and participation levels, which aids in the creation of new programs to ensure a stimulating environment in which every child can excel.

Our learning rooms have been designed to inspire children to reach their full potential. Rooms are spacious and well lit, with amenities including a reading corner and numerous age-appropriate learning spaces. Storytelling is a popular activity, with all children encouraged to take turns reading short sentences. Our educators also promote deep engagement with text, along with an understanding of the alphabet and clear and succinct writing.