Meals & Nutrition

  • Nutritious meals freshly prepared daily
  • We cater to children’s allergies/intolerances
  • Munch and Move Program
  • Growing fresh herbs and vegetables and eating the produce
  • Cooking classes

These physical, social and health foundations are further supported by our daily meal plans which are freshly prepared and highly nutritious. Children are taught the importance of healthy eating and good dietary habits, and an extensive menu of meals and snacks is prepared fresh on site daily. We recognise that many children have allergies or intolerances to certain foods, and our team cater to these needs daily.

Further supporting education and nutrition, children are given the opportunity to participate in growing their own herbs and vegetables within our spacious garden beds. Participating in the growing process from sowing the seed to plant maturity is an immensely rewarding learning experience. All herbs and vegetables grown on site are eaten fresh and utilised within simple, age-appropriate recipes. Cooking classes are held regularly to stimulate interest, encourage the sampling of new foods and promote healthy eating habits which will last a lifetime.