Little Voyagers
Our Centre Philosophy

At Little Voyagers ELC, we acknowledge the Bidjigal and Gadigal peoples of the Eora nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which we live, work and play. We pay our respects to the elders past, present and emerging.

Our philosophy draws on the National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework, Code of Ethics and the shared values and beliefs of our Little Voyages Community.

We believe that children’s early experiences and relationships in the first five years of life are critical for their learning and development, and for building strong foundations for the remainder of their lives. Here at Little Voyagers ELC, we are committed to providing high quality education and care in an environment that is safe, nurturing and welcoming for all children and their families. We believe this to occur when the… (click the titles below for more information):

  • are recognised as capable, resilient, unique and active learners, rich with wonder, potential and knowledge
  • feel safe, supported, and heard
  • are empowered to make choices and contribute to decisions affecting all aspects of their daily experiences, learning and wellbeing
  • develop a sense of belonging through the reciprocal, respectful and meaningful relationships formed with their peers and educators
  • are supported to develop a positive sense of self, and are encouraged to confidently express their ideas, views and feelings in positive ways
  • are provided with opportunities to experiment, discover and take risks through a variety of meaningful and enriching play-based learning experiences that reflect their interests, current knowledge, strengths, emerging skills, and capabilities.
  • are provided with opportunities to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, and diverse cultural community members to explore their own and others’ connections to the local community.
  • are recognised and respected as children’s first and most significant teachers are encouraged to contribute to the daily life of the centre as partners where their
  • ideas, beliefs, values, expectations and family culture are acknowledged, honoured and respected.
  • are actively informed and consulted about their children’s care, learning and development and daily routines
  • are provided with information, resources and professional support to help build confidence and capacity in their parenting role
  • are encouraged and supported to develop collaborative and meaningful partnerships with the educators that will enable the best outcomes for their children
  • are responsive, sensitive and respectful in their interactions with children, families, colleagues and other professionals
  • form collaborative and meaningful partnerships with children, families, colleagues and community members to nurture and enhance all children’s learning, wellbeing and their safety
  • create calm, consistent and flexible daily routines and transitions, providing opportunities for rich learning and connections
  • plan for children’s learning that nurtures and encourages all children’s emotional, social, language, cognitive, physical, spiritual and creative growth
  • are invested in and committed to continuous improvement through ongoing critical reflection and professional learning
  • passionately promote and advocate the value of early childhood education and children’s rights
  • establish and maintain a safe, collegial and collaborative working environment are provided with resources, support and mentorship to assist them in their pedagogical practice
  • act as positive role models, demonstrating honest and respectful communication at all times
  • create opportunities for children to build connections with the local
  • is safe, comfortable, inclusive and stimulating
  • fosters independent exploration, experimentation, curiosity, imagination, deep thinking and risk taking.
  • supports and encourages each child’s participation, and reflects the community within and beyond the centre
  • supports each child’s holistic growth through the wide range of play-based experiences, play materials, and resources
  • promotes independent and collaborative learning
  • supports positive behaviour through carefully designed play spaces such as areas for relaxation and areas for high-energy play
  • empowers children to make choices through self-selected activities and resources invites open-ended interactions and supports the development of positive relationships
  • is a clear depiction of the educators planning and the children’s learning fosters a deep appreciation for nature and supports and encourages children to become environmentally responsible

Little Voyagers ELC is committed to providing a rewarding and enriching educational program and experience through a healthy balance of structured and unstructured learning. Our programs are child focused and led by passionate and dedicated educators who utilise intentional teaching to support each child’s holistic learning and development.

Why Choose Us

  • Boutique
  • Family Owned
  • Holistic Care
  • Loving and Cosy Environment
  • Like a home away from home


Today was our daughter last day in the centre and I cried more from her leaving her little heaven away from home than she cried going there for the last 2.5y. The centre is intimated, cozy and full of entertainment for the kids. But above all it is the carers, their enthusiasm, love for the kids and passion for providing a safe and caring environment where the kids learn and thrive that make this a great centre.

A gorgeous loving centre with extremely friendly staff. Has a great outdoor area with a playground for the kids. My daughter feels right at home there and settled in well as its a small environment – like a home. Everything is run very professionally but in a personal manner. I receive daily updates and photos too!

Our son (who just turned 4) has been going to the childcare center for a year now. Very happy with it, staff are unfailingly friendly and positive and have a great rapport within the kids. The centre directors are very accommodating and responsive when you come to them with queries too.

Both my daughter and son attend the centre on a casual basis. Although they don’t attend regularly they are always made to feel welcomed and at the end of the day non stop talking about the fun activities they did throughout the day. My daughter who is 2 is always so engaged and I have definitely seen a difference in her confidence and personal skills since attending… I would highly recommend to anyone.

Our Age Groups

0-2 years Explorers

2-3 years Discoverers

3-5 years Adventurers