Ecological voyagers

Preserving the planet for future generations is everyone’s responsibility, and through our Sustainable Voyagers program we teach children ways in which they can live more sustainably. With the planet in a fragile way, it has never been more important to seek out ways of minimising our impact. Children are inherently curious about the environment and natural world, and through participating in various learning experiences they come to understand the ways in which their actions can affect and influence the environment.

Little Voyagers are proud to guide children towards becoming environmentally responsible citizens, and as part of our program we encourage children to:

  • Use recycled materials wherever possible
  • Bring recyclable materials from home
  • Ensure taps are fully shut off after washing hands
  • Be aware of electricity usage and turn off lights when exiting a room
  • Empty drinking containers/cups into the garden
  • Recycle paper and plastics
  • Participate in seed sowing, weeding and growing their own herbs and vegetables in our garden beds
  • Gain an appreciation for natural resources and their role in our daily lives

We have adopted a “Recycle, Reuse and Reduce” attitude within our centre, with recycling points located in all learning rooms. Children quickly develop a sense of responsibility for their waste, as well as insight into the exciting ways recycled products can be re-purposed for future use. Alongside our vegetables garden we also have a compost bin where all food scraps can be deposited, creating rich compost that will be used throughout our gardens.

At Little Voyagers, we want to play our part in protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for all. Through their participation in our recycling and gardening program, as well as sustainability centred activities and discussions, children learn to love and care for their outdoor environment and are inspired to explore solutions to environmental issues