Confident voyagers

Our Confident Voyagers program is designed to provide every child with the opportunity to learn and grow, becoming more independent and self-confident as they transition through each stage. Children are provided with a safe and encouraging environment in which to learn and develop an understanding of the values, knowledge and skills necessary to form positive relationships with their peers.

Little Voyagers are committed to the wellbeing and development of children by delivering on the following:

  • Ensuring every child feels a sense of belonging
  • Instilling a high level of self-confidence within children
  • Providing a healthy balance between spontaneous and structured play to promote positive relationships and aid in the development of thinking, communication and problem-solving skills

Self-Development in an Encouraging Early Education Setting

Little Voyagers believe that a safe and comfortable learning environment is essential for a rewarding educational experience and self-development. Early childhood is a time of many transitions for parents and children alike. We aim to make these transitions as seamless as possible by considering the individual needs of every child under our care.

With unique routines and a variety of play activities on offer, every child is given the opportunity to develop their sense of self and form friendships with likeminded peers. Our educators take a keen interest in the emotional wellbeing and individual interests of all children, guiding them towards opportunities which keep them engaged and on a path of discovery and self-growth. From their very first day, children feel welcome and appreciated at Little Voyagers.

Emotional expression is encouraged, as we believe this helps children to develop a better understanding of how to deal with emotional challenges constructively and safely. Through peer interaction, children develop an understanding of the emotional wellbeing and feelings of others, as well as how different behaviours and emotional states can affect others.

Life is full of challenges, and through age-appropriate cooperative play children develop the social skills and fortitude needed to deal with anything that may come their way. This provides them with a sense of empowerment which will serve them well as they transition into the next phase of their educational journey and life beyond.

Activities which support self development include:

Explorers (0-2)

  • A welcoming orientation to the centre from educators and their peers
  • Small group play
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Insight into the concept of self and what makes us individuals
  • Exploring the role of family in the development of self

Discoverers (2-3)

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Large group play
  • Simple team-based activities
  • Celebrating multiculturalism with a designated event day
  • The importance of sharing
  • Learning to take turns

Adventurers (3-5)

  • Using face symbols to explore emotions
  • More extensive group play and team-based activities
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Cooperative play and conflict resolution
  • Hosting numerous multicultural days
  • Learning how to identify and deal with different emotions
  • Deep dive into the role of family and friends

Respect for Family and Community

In progressing through the Confident Voyagers program, children build social skills and independence which will make the transition to school seamless. With strong community and family values, Little Voyagers frequently host special events and welcome all contributions from family and community members. We are also proud of our country’s indigenous heritage, regularly welcoming local elders and educators and paying our respects.  These opportunities provide children with an understanding of community, multiculturalism, how they can contribute to their local community and the inspiration to make a positive impact on society.

To support our local community and help children understand the role of local community services, we host visits from service personnel as well as special events.

  • Police and Fire Service Visits
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • NAIDOC Week