How Do I Encourage My Child to be More Adventurous

Children are naturally curious and adventurous. Our role as parents is to feed that curiosity and provide enough resources for children to try new things and explore by themselves. It also helps to let them take part in a wide variety of activities so they can feel confident in different situations. 

Importance of confidence and a nurturing environment 

When children feel more confident, they become: 

  • More willing to try new things 
  • More eager to meet new children and make new friends 
  • Have more energy to figure things out (they know that they can handle challenges) 
  • Get more playtime 

With more playtime and interaction with different objects, toys, environments and other children, your child receives immense developmental benefits (physical, mental, social and emotional). That’s because your child will gain a variety of experience crucial for his/her development. 

It becomes a positive feedback loop that will further encourage your child’s interaction and participation in different activities. The benefits snowball because as your child tries new things, other possibilities and activities will also open. 

Aside from confidence, it’s also important to raise your child in a nurturing environment. Whether at home or at the early learning centre, the environment should always have enough materials, sites and resources for your child to explore on and play with. In addition, that nurturing environment should naturally encourage exploration while ensuring the children’s safety. With confidence and being raised in a nurturing environment, children will naturally have the curiosity and energy to try new things. 

How Little Voyagers encourage exploration 

Here at Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre, we maintain a nurturing and safe environment for children. We also facilitate stimulating activities such as: 

  • Basic science experiments 
  • Growing herbs and vegetables 
  • Tasting and cooking of food 
  • Playing with ordinary objects such as cardboard boxes and paper plates 
  • Building LEGO 

Those activities allow children to learn, experiment and explore. They also get to practice their creativity and imagination which are crucial for their overall brain development.