As a parent, you want your child to have the best start and preparation. This is crucial during your child’s early years when rapid brain development occurs.

Our role here at Little Voyagers

Our role here at the Early Learning Centre is to support children’s healthy development. Through our optimised curriculum and fun extra-curricular activities, we’re able to help each child get the best start and preparation.

Our curriculum has an emphasis on Belonging, Being and Becoming (Early Years Learning Framework). Aside from literacy and numeracy, we also put special importance on social and emotional development. This way, we can support the children’s holistic development and help them gain a strong sense of identity and connection.

Extra-curricular activities are also important

Aside from the curriculum, our educators also pay special attention to fun extra-curricular activities for children. We conduct dance and sports education classes in partnership with external companies. We also organise other fun activities that the children will love. Although these activities are mostly about fun, we still make sure that they contribute to the children’s overall development.

Building ecological awareness

We have a range of other activities that can further advance a child’s development. For example, we have regular activities here that encourage recycling and gardening. These activities help children build a sense of responsibility and environmental awareness at an early age. Aside from the awareness, children are also able to develop appreciation about the natural resources around them.

Health is the foundation

For your child to fully enjoy the activities mentioned above, it’s crucial that he/she is physically healthy. One way we help ensure that is by regularly preparing nutritious meals on site. This way, your child will always have energy for daily activities as well as gain the building blocks for having a strong body.

With our extensive menu of meals and snacks, your child will regularly gain the nutrients required for rapid growth and development. It’s also an amazing way of helping children develop good dietary habits at an early age.

About the Little Voyagers

For more information about our curriculum and holistic approach here at our Early Learning Centre, you can contact us today or arrange a visit. We’re conveniently located at 36 Burke St Chifley 2036. You can quickly get to us within 10 minutes via Friendship Rd.

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