As parents, we want our children to have an amazing start and the best preparation for big school. We also want our children to have fun and enough freedom so they can start to feel self-reliant and become further encouraged to learn more and explore.

Becoming a Little Voyager

The Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre is committed to giving each child a fun and productive experience. Through our curriculum, children can become better equipped for the big school and become more confident in learning and exploration in a relaxed and happy environment.

Healthy, active and playful voyagers

To maximise their fun and learning experience, children should be physically healthy and full of energy. This way, they can truly participate in playtime and even gain more experiences each day. This quantity and variety of experiences is vital to their rapid development.

During their rapid physical development, it’s best to facilitate that through nutritious meals prepared on-site (guaranteed fresh and safe). We also guide the children to adopt a healthy lifestyle by educating them about the role of nutritious food on their growth and development. This healthy lifestyle adopted early on will benefit them for the rest of their lives. One reason is that they’ll be in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities around them (fewer sick days, more energy to pursue their passions and do the work).

Holistic care and development

Literacy and numeracy are still important which is why our program has dedicated times for children to learn them. However, our emphasis has always been on holistic care and learning. That’s because all the developmental milestones and learning outcomes are interconnected. For example, if a child lacks social skills, he/she might miss out on interesting activities and deep learning experiences. This might also cause the child to participate less on playtime and overall become less physically active.

Our educators are committed to giving the holistic care every child requires. Whether it’s about their literacy, numeracy, social skills or physical and emotional development, we cover it all to ensure a complete and holistic developmental progress. Through our curriculum plus some fun extracurricular activities (including sports education and dance classes), this will help your child with his/her rapid physical, emotional and cognitive development.

If you want to learn more about our curriculum and see if it’s best for your child, you can visit this page which details our learning outcomes and programs. You can also book a tour (we’re open Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm). In around eight minutes you can reach us via the Anzac Parade and here you can see and feel our nurturing environment and witness how other children are having fun in our early learning centre.