Health, confidence, creativity and school readiness. If you want more of these traits for your child, our curriculum here at Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre is designed for those outcomes. With the Early Years Learning Framework as our guide, your child can start to have a strong sense of identity, connection, involvement and wellbeing. This will then help your child feel confident and become an effective communicator.

Becoming a healthy and active voyager

To accomplish the above mentioned goals, let’s start building a strong foundation first. Physical health is crucial to the development of the children’s all other dimensions. If your child is physically healthy through a balanced diet and enough playtime (including ball games, hide and seek and sand play), your child will have more than enough energy to learn literacy and numeracy. This will also give your child that confident appearance and energy which is crucial during social interactions.

Fun extracurricular activities for your child

To further enrich those social interactions and learning experiences, we also include a range of activities such as dance classes and sports education. We collaborate with external companies that specialise in such activities. This way, the activities will be designed appropriately according to the child’s age and learning progress.

Becoming an ecological voyager

One of our learning outcomes is about helping children develop a sense of involvement, contribution and responsibility. Through our program, we will guide your child towards becoming an environmentally responsible citizen. Activities include recycling and gardening where they can even plant and grow their own herbs and vegetables in our garden beds. Through these activities, they can also better connect with nature and gain a better appreciation of the natural resources around them.

The Little Voyagers

Through our curriculum and nurturing environment, your child will get an amazing start in life not just in terms of literacy and numeracy, but also about connection, contribution, independence and responsibility. Your child will also become better equipped to go to the big school and face even unfamiliar and challenging situations in the future.

For more information about our approach and program, you can visit this page and read about our learning outcomes and included activities. Families from Little Bay can easily reach us and see our nurturing environment because we’re just located at Burke St, Chifley. You can book a tour and we’re open Monday to Friday (7am to 6pm). In minutes you can get here via Anzac Parade or Hastings Ave.