If you want your child to gain productive and meaningful experiences in his/her early years, one way is to let us help here at Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre. With our professional approach and through our loving environment, your child will have fun and further develop his/her cognitive and social skills.

Importance of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities

To aid with the children’s healthy development, our curriculum aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework. In addition, we also facilitate extra-curricular activities that include dance classes and sports education programs.

Both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities are important to ensure a holistic development. Through the curriculum, children can gain structured learning experiences. On the other hand, through extra-curricular activities the children can explore other fields of interests and expand their comfort zone.

Being more confident and staying active and healthy

As children face diverse situations and experiences at an early age, they get to feel more confident. This allows them to become prepared soon even in unfamiliar and challenging situations such as going into the big school. This preparation and confidence will help them overcome challenges and figure out the solutions on their own.

However, it’s important that children are healthy and active in the first place. If they stay active, they will have plenty of opportunities to interact and play with other children. This also allows them to participate and become more engaged in more extra-curricular activities. Also, staying healthy will give them extra energy and that vibrant mood they require for healthy interaction with other children.

Here at Little Voyagers, we prepare nutritious meals on site to support the children’s growth and give them enough energy for each day. In addition, we allow adequate playtime so children can get to explore by themselves and interact more with their peers.

A fun and meaningful voyage for every child

We aim to make the experience a fun, productive and meaningful one for all the children. We’re not all just about helping children prepare for the big school or gain the necessary literacy or numeracy skills. We’re also about letting children have fun in a supportive and nurturing environment (we have a homely space with adequate natural lighting).

For more information about our learning environment and our holistic approach to child development, you can contact us today or arrange a visit. You can get to us within a few minutes via Austral St.