A meaningful journey brings a wealth of experience. This is especially true in early child development. Their early years should be filled with meaningful and productive experiences so that they can best prepare for the future and acquire fun memories as well.

A fun learning experience

That is our approach here at Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre. We facilitate fun and productive experiences so children are continuously stimulated and they stay active. With a practical balance and mix of curricular and extra-curricular activities, children gain a better chance at achieving their developmental milestones.

Our curriculum aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework (emphasis on Belonging, Being and Becoming). On the other hand, our extra-curricular activities include dance classes and sports education programs. With this approach, children are able to gain a variety of experiences as well as better appreciate the performing arts. In addition, children are also able to further practice and develop their physical capabilities through adequate playtime and spontaneous activities.

Building a strong foundation

In preparation for the big school and beyond, we help children become confident. This will help them successfully navigate new environments and face challenging encounters and situations. Being confident will also help them participate more in activities and make new friends.

We also help children with their physical health through our nutritious meals prepared onsite. In addition, we teach them the importance of good dietary habits. We also conduct classes and activities wherein they get to grow their own herbs and vegetables. At an early age they’ll be able to witness the growing process from seed to maturity. It will be a rewarding experience and they will develop a sense of appreciation in planting and nature as well.

A safe environment for learning

Parents have noticed that our learning environment is filled with natural light and feels safe and welcoming. On the other hand, children immediately feel at home starting day 1. As a result, they’re able to quickly adapt and feel comfortable here at Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre.

If you also want to know if our learning environment is perfect for your child, you can enquire about our approach and curriculum. You can also visit us here at 36 Burke St Chifley (you can get to us via Anzac Parade).