Your child’s early years should be filled with fun and meaningful experiences. This way, your child can have a strong sense of identity, belonging, connection and contribution, which are crucial in preparing for the big school and beyond.

Our role here at Little Voyagers

Our role here is to support your child’s healthy development. We accomplish this through our modern curriculum, which is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, as well as through our comprehensive and holistic approach.

Our approach includes fun extra-curricular activities such as dance and sports education classes. In addition, we conduct regular activities that help children develop ecological awareness, appreciation and responsibility. We also help children adopt healthy dietary habits which will benefit them during their rapid physical and brain development.

Parents are doing their best to give their children an amazing start in life. Our role is to support that and ensure that the children’s time away from home is also a meaningful and productive one. This way, children can truly learn and develop in a healthy way whether at home or in our homely environment here at Little Voyagers.

Becoming school-ready and confident

Transition to the big school could be scary to many children. To make it a smooth and an easy transition, we designed a specific program for children for them to feel more confident in their first days at the big school.

We start with actually familiarising children with the school environment. In addition, we help children gain the crucial skills they require for doing well at the big school. These crucial skills include knowing how to use a pencil and write their own names. We also help and guide them on how to ask questions and give answers. This way, they can somehow better navigate the school environment they’re about to be in.

Giving your child a great start and a meaningful experience

Whether your child is in 0-2 years or about to go to the big school after a year or two, it’s essential that he/she is equipped for what’s ahead. This way, they will feel confident and comfortable in that new environment. This will make it easier for them to learn and make friends along the way.

Here at Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre, our approach and homely environment have helped children gain meaningful experiences and have a smoother transition to the big school. Through the years, we’ve helped parents give an amazing start to their children.

For more information about our curriculum, learning environment and overall approach, you can contact us today and book a tour. Within a few minutes you can get to us via Franklin St.