If you want your child to be confident, active and ready, we have designed here a fun and perfect environment for your child to explore and play. Here at Little Voyagers Early Learning Centre, we provide children with a fun and productive learning journey.

Confidence, energy, preparation

These are all important in helping children maximise their learning experiences. To make that happen, we have designed an integrated curriculum that emphasises physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Through our curriculum and professional guidance, children gain a strong sense of identity, connection, contribution and wellbeing. Through our relaxed, happy and loving environment, children always feel safe to play, learn and explore.

Health, meals and nutrition

To help give children enough energy for their learning and activities, we prepare nutritious meals on site. In addition, we teach children the importance of good dietary habits.

We also help build further health awareness by allowing children to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Children will witness the journey of a plant from seed to maturity, which is an immensely rewarding experience. As a result, they will develop a deep sense of appreciation about the foods they eat and the plants around them.

The role of curriculum and extra-curricular activities

The curriculum, which includes literacy, numeracy and academics, is essential to foundational learning. Extra-curricular activities are also important because this is where children can express their creativity and further develop their physical skills such as balance and coordination.

Here at Little Voyagers, we conduct dance classes and run sports education programs in partnership with reputable external companies. We make sure that activities are age-appropriate and that these are within the capabilities of each child.

Having a fun and productive voyage

Through the years, we’ve witnessed children cry as they leave our early learning centre. It’s been a fun and memorable journey where they made friends and explored a lot. On the other hand though, we’ve always been happy that we did our best in educating each child. We feel confident that children will be ready for the big school and other challenges beyond.

Parents also feel confident about our curriculum and learning approach. They continue to trust us to guide their children in these crucial early years of their rapid development. Parents still have a bigger role. Our role is to support parents in their difficult but fun journey of helping children achieve their potential.

For more information about our curriculum and environment here at Little Voyagers, you can contact us today. You can also have a quick look at our location in 36 Burke St Chifley 2036 where you can get to us within 10 minutes via Anzac Parade.

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